Who is that sitting behind the sock machine?

Web Diva by day, Yarn Mistress by night.

I’ve been crafting with both yarn and fabric since childhood, but my Marvelous Sock Machine is definitely the Be-All, End-All of Knitter’s Toys. It takes a lot of patience to make it behave, but when I see that sock (or pair of socks) come to completion, it’s all worth it.

The Marvelous Sock Machine resides in my Craft Haven (that is, the sewing/knitting room), where an entire corner of the room is devoted to both the machine and my stash of yarn. The pursuit and acquisition of sock yarn is a dangerous addiction — and I’m far, far down that slippery slope. Somewhere in that corner, I keep a few of my early attempts (and failures) as a reminder of what can go wrong. Keeps me from getting too cocky about how well things are working… In addition, I have a pair of wool socks that a friend’s husband accidentally put in the washer. They’re cute and tiny and felted, but no longer wearable. It’s a good reminder to be careful about selecting yarn — or at least warning the recipients about washing instructions!

Here it is – my first complete sock. It would be very wearable, if not for the fact that I accidentally sewed the toe seam from the wrong side, so there’s a big ugly welt across the toe. I won’t make that mistake again.

The first really WEARABLE sock:

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